Backyard Games for Family Fun

badminton The backyard is a hot spot for hosting get-togethers with friends and family. Listed below are four timelessly fun games you can’t go wrong with when it comes to outdoor gatherings.

Ladder Golf Oddly enough, the only thing about ladder golf that relates to the actual sport of golf are the bolas. What is a bola? A bola is a pair of golf balls connected by a string; in ladder golf, each team attempts to toss a set bolas onto their opponents goals. The goals are a set of three rungs standing upright and separate roughly fifteen-to-twenty feet from one another. Our only word of caution is to be careful while tossing the bolas as they could seriously hurt someone or break a window if hurled strongly enough. Ideal for mid-afternoon summer barbecues, ladder golf is a very straight-to-the-point game that folks of any age can enjoy.

Cornhole In cornhole, two teams take turns tossing bags filled with corn in order to sink into crevices in opposing wooden frames. Each wooden frame has a hole engraved in it near its top - about a foot wide in diameter - that the other team tries to throw its corn bag into. Though the point system varies depending on who you play with, a standard rule is that a bag scored through the hole wins you three points; if the player lands his or her corn bag onto the opposing platform but not the hole, it still leaves them with one point. The game goes on like this until a player attains a sum of 21 points. If you accidentally break a window by an off cornhole toss, call or email Wallside to learn how to install new replacement windows.

Badminton Badminton is a bit like volleyball and tennis combined. It involves setting up a net and placing two teams of one to three players on opposing ends from one another. Each teammate is equipped with a racquet which he or she uses to hit a birdie, which is a piece of cork attached to an assembly of plastic feathers that allow it to soar through the air.

Volleyball You can’t go wrong with a little backyard volleyball. Volleyball kits - which include a net, stakes, and ball - allow you to take the game to the beach, park, or just your backyard. Although known for the intense games that can form from it, volleyball can also be for relaxed family competition to carelessly kick back and hang out playing on a sunny afternoon.