Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in a Weekend Weekends are the perfect time to relax, have fun, and get some work done around the house. But you don’t necessarily have to spend an entire weekend hard at work to make a big difference around your house. There are lots of easy projects that make a big impact and can easily be done over the course of a weekend and without having to spend a small fortune. Best of all, you’ll still have plenty of time to relax and have some fun! Here are a few quick and easy project ideas to help you get started!

Paint or Wallpaper a Room

Sometimes, all a room needs is a fresh coat of paint to make it feel brand new again. Simply changing the colors on the wall can completely change the vibe of a room or make a small space seem more open. Not many home projects can have that level of impact for such a low price. Painting a larger room might take a whole weekend, but smaller rooms can easily be painted in a day or less.

You might not even necessarily have to paint your entire room to make a nice change. Turning one wall into an accent wall by painting it a different color is a great way to add a dramatic touch. Or rather than have an accent wall that’s simply a solid color, you could try wallpapering one wall instead.

Add Wainscoting or Crown Molding

If the walls in a room are a solid color, you might want to consider adding some crown molding or wainscoting to your walls. These help add a little dimension to solid-colored walls and can give a room a more polished look. Many people feel like wainscoting and crown molding on walls makes a room look more upscale, but it isn’t a terribly expensive or difficult project to do.

Change Up Your Doors

If you aren’t quite ready to replace your home’s exterior doors, giving them a new coat of paint can be an excellent way to boost your home’s curb appeal. A bright color can be very eye catching and help your home stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood. The color of your front door can also help accent the colors used on the exterior of your home and reflect the style of the rest of your home’s decor.

Don’t forget about your interior doors, either! Do you have a house full of plain, generic-looking doors? Painting them is a great way to make them look a little bit nicer. If you like the idea of adding some crown molding or wainscoting to a room in your house, you could buy a little extra and use it to liven up some of your doors. Between paint and crown molding, your visitors would be surprised to learn you didn’t actually buy new doors!

Update Your Hardware

Do you still have the original doorknobs and drawer pulls that came with your doors, cabinets, and drawers? Replacing your old hardware with a brand new style is a very easy way to change up the look of a room and keep it from looking dated. If you don’t want to change up your home’s decor without replacing your hardware, you could always simply spray paint them a new color instead! This is a particularly great project to undertake if you’re thinking of selling your home soon. Since hardware can often start to look dated, giving it an update can be an easy yet effective way to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.