Making Customized Window Boxes for Your Home's Exterior

Making  Customized Window Boxes for Your Home's Exterior A great thing about windows is that you can look out and admire the landscaping around a home. If your home only has a small yard, then you might be unable to plant flowers in a backyard garden or along pathways that lead to the front door. Fortunately, you can still have those beautiful flowers and other plants in your yard by making customized window boxes. These boxes are placed outside your windows and provide an excellent place to plant beautiful flowers, delicious herbs, and other plants. Window boxes are also a great way to make your fantastic new vinyl replacement windows look even nicer!

Take Careful Measurements for the Window Boxes

First, you need to measure your home’s windows in order to make the window boxes. Measure the width of your window, then determine the height and depth you’d like your window box to have. Do not try to remember the measurements, write the numbers down neatly on paper so you buy the appropriate amount of wood. If you need to cut the wood down to the correct size but don’t have the tools or if you feel uncomfortable about cutting the wood planks, then have the job done at a local hardware store.

Secure the Wood Pieces and Smooth With Sandpaper

After the wood sections are cut, secure the pieces together with strong screws. You may want to add caulking to the gaps in order to keep soil and water inside the window box, and this should also keep the flowers or herbs’ roots from escaping through crevices. If the wood seems rough, use sandpaper to smooth it before painting, staining, or varnishing the surfaces.

Fill the Window Boxes with Flowers or Herbs Use a stud finder and sturdy screws to fasten the window boxes to a home’s structures beneath the windows. You may need to touch up varnish, stain or paint after this process. Make sure to complete this part of the installation carefully to avoid damaging your home’s siding or window frames. After the window box is installed on the outside of a home, you can choose to fill it with potting soil before planting herbs or flowers. Alternatively, you might prefer to place potted flowers or herbs in the window boxes in order to change the plants frequently.