We are the Factory: Wallside Windows’ Brad Berzack makes the sale in West Michigan

Brad Berzack sells Wallside Windows in West Michigan.

Brad Berzack sells Wallside Windows in West Michigan.

Brad Berzack knows how critical word of mouth is. It’s what made him want to work for Wallside Windows and what’s changed his sales career with the company so much over his nearly seven years there.

“I always wanted to work for Wallside, because I knew my father was happy and my sisters were happy with the product, the installation,” Brad said. “Then I met Stanford; I knew he was on the ball. I love the way Stuart, Stanford and Adam run the company. They run a beautiful company.”

Brad had built a successful career selling energy updates and upgrades for people’s homes before he took the position with Wallside selling vinyl replacement windows, which moved him from Metro Detroit to Grand Haven, Michigan.

When he arrived there, he experienced a different scenario than what salespeople in Southeastern Michigan knew.

“People would see the price and say, ‘I can’t afford this,’ but Wallside came out and we gave them a better price, better service, a better product, and all of the sudden the competitors had to wake up,” he said. “It became tougher, but you can’t compete with factory direct. You’re selling the company of Wallside Windows against another company. I have the upper edge because we’ve been in business for 75 years. We are the factory, we build them and have outlived our warranty twice. There’s nobody that can pass on that and we pass that savings onto you.”

Over time, Brad could point to houses where he’d sold windows and get local testimonials, and he began to get more referrals from customers as the Taylor, Michigan-based company grew and word of mouth spread across the state.

“Five years, ago there were no commercials (here) or anything, so we had to build it up and build it up,” he said. “That's what we’re doing every single day.”

Part of the company’s growth in West Michigan included the addition of a distribution center in Grand Rapids — joining two others in Lansing and Saginaw — as well as crews based in the area. This all makes Wallside Windows service even faster and more efficient.

“That’s what helps me sell windows is my company,” Brad said. They’ve built such a great company, and we get a lot of referrals because of that and that’s what we’re trying to prove in Western Michigan.” 

“There isn’t a day I wake up that I don’t enjoy working for Wallside Windows, because I know I have the best product and I’m going to make the customer’s house look the best.”

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