Interior Tips: How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Home for Spring

How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Home for Spring
How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Home for Spring

Now that winter is officially over, it’s time to think spring. For some homeowners, that might mean starting their annual spring cleaning marathon, while others might start planning their gardens. But if your house is full of dark or neutral colors, one thing you might be thinking about is how you can add some color to your home to brighten it up and make it feel more seasonal. A simple pop of color can go a long way in brightening a room and bring it into the new season.

Of course, you don’t want to repaint all the rooms in your house every time the season changes. So how can you decorate with color without having to spend so much time and energy painting? Here are a few spring decorating ideas to add a pop of color to your home.

Paint an Accent Wall

Painting an entire room can take a lot of time and energy. And although adding color by painting a ceiling is a great idea, it can still be difficult for some people to do. Painting an accent wall in a room, however, is the sort of project which can easily be done in a day. A nice pastel-colored accent wall can easily transform and brighten a room.

Colorful Rugs

Want to avoid painting all together? Maybe a colorful rug would be a better option for you. Rugs come in so many different sizes, colors, and patterns, you’re bound to find something which works perfectly for your room and your budget. Best of all, when the seasons change again, you can simply roll it up, put it away, and switch it out for a different rug.

Throw Pillows and Slipcovers

Completely replacing your furniture as the seasons change is another idea which simply isn’t practical for the vast majority of homeowners. But you can add some new color to your existing furniture by picking up some colorful new throw pillows for your couches and chairs. Or for a bigger change, you could pick up a new slipcover for your sofa to give it a completely new (but non-permanent) look for a fraction of the cost. If you’re good with a sewing machine, you could even sew a slipcover yourself or make some new cushion covers.

Light Fixtures

When looking for ways to add pops of color to a room, one thing many homeowners overlook is their light fixtures. Instead of using standard white lampshades, why not try to find some lampshades in other colors? Or maybe lampshades with a unique pattern on them. If you have light fixtures that use glass coverings, maybe you could find a new covering made out of a colorful glass instead of a clear or frosted glass. Take a look at these colorful lighting ideas from Houzz for some inspiration.

Accent Pieces

No matter which room of the house you’re working in, there are plenty of ways you could use objects to decorate with color. If you’re trying to brighten up a kitchen, you could create a display using colorful plates and bowls. A vibrant tablecloth is another great way to add color to a kitchen or dining room. In other rooms of the house, a colorful piece of furniture can be just what you need.

New Window Treatments

Last, but certainly not least, picking up some new window treatments is a fantastic way to add more color to your home. Once the weather warms up, you won’t need dark, heavy curtains to help keep your rooms warm anymore. So why not give them a break and switch them out with some lighter, more colorful window treatments instead? Lighter colors of curtains look fantastic on bright, sunny days!