How Window Box Planters Can Add Spring Color to Your Home's Exterior

Window Box Planters
Window Box Planters

After a long, dreary winter, blooming flowers and green plants are a very welcome sight for many people. All the color that comes back during the spring is a beautiful indicator that warm weather and sunshine are just around the corner. But if you don’t have a very big yard to plant flowers in, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all that beautiful spring color.

When you don’t have much room on the ground to plant things, look to the side of your home for space instead. Hanging window box planters are a great way to get your gardening fix in even if you don’t have much (if any) room to work in on the ground.

Eye-Catching Window Boxes

Whether you make your own custom window boxes or buy some that are ready made, window boxes are a great way to enhance your home’s exterior. There are so many styles of window box planters available, so you’ll have no problem finding an option that perfectly complements and enhances your home’s style.

Nice Contrast to Siding

Plants and flowers are great ways to add color to your yard, but who says all that color has to be kept close to the ground? Flower boxes are a great way to break up the color of your home’s siding and add some contrast to your home’s exterior in a way that a traditional garden can’t.

Enhance Your In-Ground Garden

While window boxes are an excellent option for people who don’t have much room to start a garden on the ground, they’re also great even if you do have an in-ground garden. Window boxes, particularly on lower levels of your home, can add height and dimension to an in-ground garden.

Year-Round Color

Last, but certainly not least, remember that window boxes aren’t just for spring. They can potentially add color to your home’s exterior all year long. Even during the winter! Dwarf evergreens can do very well in window boxes and will keep your window boxes looking lively throughout the year, so you may want to consider incorporating some as part of your window box designs.

In addition to all the ways window boxes can boost your home’s curb appeal, they’re a lot of fun to create. There are so many types of plants which do well in window box planters, from flowers to ornamental grasses, evergreens, and herbs, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. You can get really creative with mixing and matching plants based on length, color, or texture. So let your imagination go wild! Just make sure you consider the conditions of where the window box will be placed before making any decisions. You’ll need to make sure you choose plants that will do well with the amount of sunlight they’d be getting. The Impatient Gardener has some very helpful tips on planting window boxes.